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The importance of coming to events – Common Europe & i Power Days – Milan 2024

Meeting your peers, your gurus, your community 

You can learn, maybe you can teach and more than everything you can exchange and share. We know, for “deja vu” sharing live experiences is priceless. For innovation or new experiences, exchanges are constructive and in this kind of event the platea is full of people willing to help on solutions.   

Yes but also aligning points of vue

Vendors can understand more the market demands and attendees the offering. Communication will surely trigger convergences but it can also trigger new usages of an existing solution or set up a foundation to create new features. The voice of a business case will have plenty of ears!    

Opening new contacts and also new solutions 

For instance, you may know that we have opened an Ideas request: Create an API for Code Coverage SEP talking with Tim Rowe and Scott Forstie and also with Liam Allan new solutions or possibilities are coming out. 

Talking between attendees, speakers & vendors is obviously the best way to find methodologies or solutions to real cases issues. Sometimes, simply explaining an issue can dramatically help to structure it and decompose it in smaller issues that can have step by step solutions.  

Interaction is key

Naturally it is, and the best is just to illustrate it with photos!

PS: You will also see the Mr Moustache competition and award 🙂

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