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Full modernization or transformation service

Minimizing disruption to ongoing activities

We can undertake entire modernization and transformation projects for your organisation while your internal resources continue to add value for your day to day production


We believe in working closely with your organization to ensure the success of the modernization and transformation project. We will collaborate with your internal teams to understand your specific needs and requirements.


We conduct workshops with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to gather valuable insights and ideas. These workshops help in designing an effective modernization plan tailored to your organization’s goals.


We adopt a test-driven approach to modernization and transformation projects. This means that we prioritize thorough testing of all changes and updates to ensure high-quality deliverables and reduce the risk of any negative impact on your day-to-day production.


Our primary focus is on achieving tangible results and delivering measurable business value. We align the modernization project with your organization’s strategic objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that the outcomes are clearly aligned with your desired outcomes.

DevOps integration

Our approach includes seamless integration of DevOps practices throughout the modernization process. This enables continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, ensuring faster and more efficient development cycles.


We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of the modernization and transformation project. These KPIs can be tailored to your organization’s specific goals and can include metrics such as increased productivity, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, or reduced time-to-market.

Transformation possibilities

from\to RPG Free Form Java PHP .net
RPG Yes – with modern architecture Yes Yes Yes
Cobol Yes Yes Yes Yes
Java Yes – with modern architecture Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes – with modern architecture Yes
Synon Yes Yes Yes Yes

Modernization possibilities

Rest API Database Field UI Architecture Security Testing Workflow


Overall, our approach to modernization and transformation projects involves active collaboration, workshop sessions, DevOps integration, test-driven development, result-driven outcomes, and KPI tracking. By considering these factors, we can ensure that your organisation's internal resources can continue to add value to your day-to-day production while we undertake the modernization and transformation project.


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